This is what some of our past students said!


Former Student

Roger is a very positive and kind teacher, and it is easy to talk to him at any time. If you have any questions, he will will respond to you cheerfully. He will answer you with the speed and teaching method that suits each student, so it is very easy to understand! Now, I’m sure I have learned what I’ve been taught and what I didn’t understand before!


Former Student

Thanks to the conversation-oriented lessons, my English skills improved very quickly. In addition, Roger teaches me the details of pronunciation and nuances that I don’t notice, so I can speak English with confidence even in public.


Former Student

Roger created a lesson that made me feel that learning English was fun. By coming into contact with English not only through textbooks but also through activities and games, I became more willing to learn. Thanks to this friendly teacher, I am much less nervous about incorporating English into conversations, even if my English isn’t always perfect.

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