About our programs

At Complete English Academy, we offer 3 main styles of instruction, but lessons can also be custom tailored to fit your specific needs.

Complete English Standard Lessons

This is our most popular type of English lesson. You will have the teacher all to yourself to practice your speaking and listening, sharpen up your grammar, learn new vocabulary, or work on anything else that interests you. You can use a textbook or just choose “free talk”. The content of the classes is extremely flexible, varied, and fun!

Complete English for Business

Business English has its own specialized vocabulary and focuses on topics that relate to the needs of corporate workers in Japan. Whether you’re trying to improve your confidence when giving presentations, take a more active part in international meetings, or just use more accurate English when answering a short email, Complete Business English is for you!

Complete English Exam Preparation

Our main teacher, Roger Humphreys (B.A., Cert Ed., CELTA), has more than 16 years of teaching experience, and three years of full-time experience preparing university students for TOEFL examinations. He is also experienced in preparing students for EIKEN and TOEIC exams. Roger has a deep knowledge of English grammar, as well as a solid understanding of the correct Academic English style required to excel in the writing and speaking parts of these tests.


Complete English Academy is a private language school based in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

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